TradeEase – new participant of the forum “Russia&Asia” in Moscow


TradeEase – China’s first online platform that specializes in cross-border trade relations with Russia. The company announced the start of work in Russia in September 2015.

TradeEase provides a user-friendly service for the purchase of high-quality and low-cost Chinese goods. All shops and products pass quality control. Suppliers, who do not comply with the rules established by the company, are removed from the platform. If the buyer is dissatisfied with the quality of the goods, he gets 100% reimbursement of the cost.

The company cooperates with the largest payment system in China – PayEase, the oldest Chinese bank Bank of China. TradeEase strategic partner in Russia is Yandex, logistic ones – SPRS Express and Ruston.

In the summer of 2016, the company launched reverse trade for the sale of Russian goods in China. Now domestic suppliers can upload their products for sale on the Chinese version of the site – Prices are set in yuan, but the manufacturers make profit in rubles, what helps to avoid extra charges and the need to involve mediators.

TradeEase operates O2O model (Online to Offline). By the end of 2016 the company plans to open four showroom in major cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin and Tianjin. They are small supermarkets with Russian goods from the online shop. Each product has a QR-code, so the buyer can order items online and at a discount. On the same grounds will be organized resting area, where customers can treat themselves to some coffee and fresh pastries from the bakery.


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