Russian diplomat: Strategic cooperation between Russia, China is comprehensive

Russia and China pay great attention to strengthening the spiritual and social basis of bilateral relations, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s first Asian Department, Andrey Kulik, told a news conference at TASS devoted to the presentation of the photo album Chinese Revolutionaries in Soviet Russia in 1920-1930.
“Partnership and strategic interaction between our countries is comprehensive and incorporates all spheres,” the diplomat said. “That’s the formula of our relations.”

“Over many years we’ve attached tremendous importance to strengthening what we call the spiritual and social basis of Russian-Chinese relations,” Kulik said. “It is a very vast sphere of activity encompassing culture, education and tourism.”
“There’ve been promotional campaigns called cross years of Russian and Chinese languages in either country. Preparations for youth cross years are underway,” Kulik recalled. “Both countries have been doing a great deal to ensure spiritual bonds between our peoples grow stronger on and on. History is the basis that can yield enormous benefits. It unites a lot. We look back on historical events to ensure these bonds, deeply rooted in the historical past, become deeply ingrained in our people’s minds.”
“I am certain that this book will play a tangible role in the work we have been conducting together to ensure the social basis of our relations gain ever more strength,” Kulik said. “Without that it would be impossible to build the whole complex of bilateral relations. This publication is an important contribution to making friendship between our peoples stronger and transferring it from generation to generation.”

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